"I'm not abused. She / he never hits me ... "

"She / he just
  • humiliates me
  • puts me down
  • pushes me around
  • threatens me
  • withholds money
  • manipulates me
you know ..."

How does someone abuse a loved one?

Myth: Only by domestic violence / physical abuse

Reality: Many, many different ways

  • Verbally
  • Attitudinally
  • Behaviorally
  • Socially
  • Medically
  • Psychologically
  • Psychiatrically
  • Economically
  • Legally

All of these are abuse, very real abuse.

In fact, many victims of domestic violence report that the hidden abuse typically dished out along with the physical abuse is more damaging to their mind, spirit and will than the actual violence.

There are already many excellent resources to help victims of physical abuse.

The mission of the ASSOCIATION AGAINST HIDDEN FAMILY ABUSE, INC., a Florida not for profit corporation, is to help people to see hidden family abuse for what it is.

And to provide a variety of resources to empower and aid victims to free themselves and their loved ones from hidden abuse.

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